Dear colleagues, dear friends,

Past two years imposed unexpected challenges upon us. School and adolescent medicine was tested to its core. Demanding times encouraged us to learn more, adjust quickly, respond differently. Long term consequences on school children’s and student’s health are yet to become visible.

However, pandemic also brought us unbelievable opportunities for professional growth by testing personal limits and improving our skills.

Now it is the time that we all get together and exchange our perspectives and ideas – rethink priorities in school and adolescent health, redefine our goals and start planning the ways to respond to children’s needs.

Croatian Society for School and University Medicine and European Union for School and University Health and Medicine are honoured to invite you to 21st EUSUHM Congress „School and adolescent health priorities: Rethinking-Redefining-Responding“ and 6th Croatian congress of school and university medicine “Zdravstvena zaštita studentske populacije” that will jointly be held 29th September – 2nd October 2022 in Split, Croatia.

Themes and topics we planned will present the wonderful diversity in fields, scopes and organisation of European school and university medicine.

Theme I -Growth and development of healthy children and youth

  • Preventive check-ups
  • Screening
  • Vaccination
  • Health education
  • Monitoring of school setting
  • Epidemiology in school setting
  • Other topics related to monitoring, evaluating and supporting healthy growth and development

Theme II – Children and youth with health problems and disabilities in school system

  • Developmental disabilities
  • Mental health problems
  • Sexual and reproductive health issues
  • Obesity
  • Eating disorders
  • Learning disabilities
  • Reasonable adjustment in school setting
  • Other topics related to tackling health issues of school children and youth

Theme III -Special measures and programs in preserving and promoting health of school children and youth

  • Responding to specific needs detected among school children and students
  • Programs and projects directed to health preservation and health promotion
  • Evidence based guidelines and algorithms for school doctors and nurses
  • Other topics related to specific response with potential of becoming sustainable health measure or bare long-term benefit for school children and adolescents

Our hard working and very excited team is eager to welcome you on-site in beautiful Radisson Blue Hotel.
Let’s meet in Split!


Marija Posavec,

Congress President

15th May 2022 – abstracts submission deadline
31st May 2022 – early bird rate deadline


More information coming soon…


More information coming soon…


Abstract submission is now open